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Do you need a privacy app?

Figleaf App Review

When you think about data breaches & privacy infractions, the first thing that springs to mind is undoubtedly Facebook. Following the Cambridge Analytica controversy, the company’s privacy practices were scrutinized closely by the public. Furthermore, Facebook has been under renewed attention after it was revealed that the firm had allowed access to massive amounts of user data to third-party companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and others.

Consumers may feel helpless because they do not know how to defend back or because they do not comprehend how it impacts them. It is being developed by Slava Kolomeichuk & Yuriy Dvoinos’ firm, FigLeaf, which will provide users with insight into just how their personal data has already been affected as well as new ways to manage access to their private information.

“We want to empower customers and provide them with the tools they need to make the decision to remain private online,” Dvoinos, who also works as FigLeaf’s Chief Revenue Officer, said in the company’s initial public interview about its goals, countiue read Figleaf App Review.

Who is developer of app?

tSlava Kolomeichuk & Yuriy Dvoinos, both of whom were born in Ukraine, co-founded FigLeaf with the help of other legacy entrepreneurs. FigLeaf is a multinational corporation having offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Ukraine. The FigLeaf management team has deep roots in the security software, consumer electronics, and mobile gaming industries, and includes former senior managers from Symantec, McAfee, and AVG, among other companies. FigLeaf is established on the foundation of crucial foundational principles, one of which is the respect for everyone’s privacy, which we believe is essential for every privacy organization. We are only concerned with protecting the privacy of our users and ensuring that they have complete control over their own information. Our “Privacy by Design” methodology and zero-knowledge policy ensure that only the individual has access to their own identifying information. Not even FigLeaf has access to a user’s personal and confidential information, which means that no one else can see it.

What kind of access is required for the app?


In the event that the “sideload” option on your Windows device has been disabled, the FigLeaf beta may request administrative privileges in order to install the program. At the moment, this FigLeaf beta app is only available for download via our official website. It is for this reason that the sideload choice is required.

FigLeaf may be available from a variety of different places, but we strongly advise download from our official site to verify that this has not been tampered with in any way by third parties. You’ll also be getting the most up-to-date and reliable version of the application this way. In addition, we take great pleasure in being a privacy-conscious firm and do not support any distribution strategies that could allow malware to be embedded within our app. We do not use cookies or trackers on our website, and the only information we ask to activate the app is an email address. We have outlined our comprehensive privacy commitment on this page: click here

Our software is built on the Universal Windows Platform, which means it operates under the “AppContainer security context,” also known as a sandbox. As a result, FigLeaf does not necessitate the use of sensitive permissions (such as accessibility to your webcam or microphone) or other resources that require administrative access.

What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

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The internet, like most modern technology, offers both advantages and disadvantages. The most useful characteristic of the internet is that it makes millions of everyday activities and tasks easier, such as buying, working, studying, and staying in touch with family and friends, possible. However, the web has also exacerbated some concerns, such as privacy and the necessity for privacy-enhancing applications.

The internet culture places a high value on convenience and efficiency over privacy and independence. The effect is that protecting your personal information online has grown increasingly complicated. The practice of tracking data is commonplace in the digital arena, and not only is it encouraged, but it is also widespread. Through the tracking of your online activity when you visit websites or download apps, companies can gain valuable insight into your preferences, hobbies, geographical location, and financial condition. They can use this information to develop digital personalities, offer you customized advertisements, and manage what you view on the internet.

It is true that using the internet has a cost, but particular aspects of it — such as downloading and utilizing mobile apps — can have a greater impact on your level of privacy than others. When you download using a standard software, you are needed to complete specific tasks, such as: logging into your account

In addition, there are several other characteristics.

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Enter your email address or add your favorite accounts to be scanned for breaches. FigLeaf starts work and determines whether or not your personal information has been compromised.

Mask your email address – This is your personal email address. There isn’t any reason why it should be made public. With FigLeaf, you’ll receive a masked email address that you may use when joining up for new sites.

Set strong passwords for each one of your favorite websites and use them to log in automatically. FigLeaf retains all of your information & logs you in safely.

Connect in private – You shouldn’t have to second guess the safety of that cafe Wi-Fi network or even your own home internet connection. With Private Connection, you won’t have to worry about that.

Trackers should be disabled since internet advertisers can use them to gather information about your online activities and interests. With FigLeaf’s Anti-Tracker, you can stop them dead in their tracks.

What about the pricing ?

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