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Fabulous App Review: Journal Your Way to a Healthier You!

Fabulous App is a simple, easy-to-use, and elegant app that is perfect for daily use to help you achieve your fitness and self-care goals. It is a great app for tracking daily habits, workout routines, meals, weight loss journey, and self-care.

8.7Expert Score

Fabulous App Review is an easy to use tool that allows you to create daily habits and track your self-care.

  • Based on scientific evidence
  • Visually appealing, simple UI
  • Full collection of workouts
  • No free trial expire notification
  • Limited option on free trial
  • Diet advise not for everyone

You achieve your fitness and self-care goals. It is a great app for tracking daily habits, workout routines, meals, weight loss journey, and self-care.

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About Fabulous App

What is it?

This Fabulous App Review is really a daily self-care application that is compatible with both Android & iPhone users, and it falls under fitness and health category. In 2018, the app was awarded one of the top applications in the Self-Care category in the Apple Store, and it was a finalist for the Best App award at the Goolge Play Store Awards in 2018.

The software aids in the development of habits over time by simplifying habits down to smaller, manageable actions and “journeys” that are achievable. The first step in the process is to establish a healthy normal routine that will prepare you for a productive day.

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Fabulous App Reminder

Take, for example, your primary goal during the first 3 days will be to stay hydrated immediately upon waking each morning. Every morning at the hour you set, the app will give you a notification to remind you to get out of bed.

Over time, you will be able to incorporate more habits into your life, a process known as “habit stacking.” This is a typical approach that is used to maintain long-term patterns of behavior. The software allows you to personalize your routines and select the behaviors that you wish to stack on top of one another.


User Experience

How it work? 

Fabulous’s interface is simple to use, and the colors blue and purple provide a soothing look to the user. It also includes a pre-installed music, ambient sounds, and a collection of exquisitely created backgrounds.

Upon entering the app, you are presented with a set of questions, such as “How often do you think about the future?” and “What single change would make your life better right now?” It also inquires for how you identifying, what time you typically get up, and whether or not you are prepared to make positive changes in your life.

After you have answered just few extra basic questions, Fabulous will create a “journey” for you based on your responses and it will ask you to sign a “contract” that states the following:

“I, [your name], intend to make the most out of tomorrow.” I shall always keep in mind which I will not survive forever. “Every anxiety and frustration that attempts to divert my attention will be converted into fuel for developing my best possible life 1 day at a time.”

Fabulous App Review: Goal Setting 

One of the main goals of the app’s initial trip is to incorporate one positive step into your daily routine, such as drinking water first thing in the morning.

Fabulous App Settling
Fabulous App Settings

It then plays an animated film illustrating the benefits of a morning routine by showing the daily activities of Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, and other, among other notable individuals.

You can continue to improve your daily schedule by incorporating a new habit such as eating a healthy breakfast or exercising immediately after waking up if you’ve developed the routine of drinking water every morning. The following job can only be unlocked when three days have passed.

The app will send you a notification alert at the period you select before each habit you choose to follow.

This is the first step in the process of establishing a routine. Then you have the option to choose from one of four distinct adventures you want to embark on: feeling more energized; losing weight; sleeping better; and concentrating better.

This is how the workout went

There are a range of activities to check out when you click also on “Make Me Fabulous” symbol, which can be found just on lower right panel. There is a dashboard that displays your goals as well as your journey status, allowing you to keep track of your progress.

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Make Me Fabulous

In order to become “fabulous,” you can utilize the following strategies: exercise, concentration, meditation, yoga, stretching, and a power nap. For the creation of these sessions, Fabulous worked with leading scientists and experts, and they are continually updated with new findings from scientific investigations.

Following your selection of a category, you will be able choose an exercise from their library, which may vary based on what time you have available. Each task has a timer beside it, so you can know how long it takes you to finish it before you start.

In the case of having only a minute, the system will ask you to complete a brief and simple activity like making the bed. If you do have extra time, you could try something like the “Do Anywhere Exercise,” which is a 10-minute stamina and strength workout that doesn’t require any special equipment. It is possible to undertake 4-Hour Deep Work if you’ve a lot of free time. This session can assist you in finding focus by committing four hours to important and creative work.

Following the completion of a task, you will be given the opportunity to read a brief motivating letter that will encourage your further growth. Every week, you’ll receive a recap report and a letter to read from the Fabulous team.


It depends

Is right for you?

Fabulous is an app for anyone looking to improve their daily life. The app can benefit you if you struggle with chronic fatigue, want to increase your energy levels, can’t sleep at night, can’t concentrate, live with ADHD, or have anxiety.

The app can help you build healthy habits and routines, which in turn can help increase your focus, creativity, energy levels, and sleep.


It does able to change behavior

Does it work?

The findings of a 2011 research paper revealed that when a habit is powerful, purposeful intentions have been demonstrated to have a diminished impact on behavior.

Because previous memory traces are often not completely erased, and after new habits were taught, apps like Fabulous can be extremely useful because they provide daily notifications as well as repeating activities.


Is a bit pricy

What is Pricing?

The journeys are completely free. The paid premium edition of the app, which includes more features, is available for a seven-day free trial before becoming $24.99 each semester, or $4.16 per month, after that (billed every 6 months).

You must sign up for free trial using your Apple ID, then your app will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


4.3-star average rating overall

App User Review

In the Google Play Store, the has received more than 400,000 Fabulous App Review, with a 4.5-star average rating overall. 

Apple App Store: The app has had more than 50,000 Fabulous App review and has received a general star rating of 4.6 stars, placing it at #15 in the Health & Fitness category.

Some users complain in Fabulous App review that the routes are just not especially flexible or adaptable, which makes it difficult to fulfill the duties required on a regular basis.

In general, In some individuals Fabulous App review seem to love the app and believe that it has assisted them in making long-lasting changes.


The Fabulous App

Take Away

We all have a wish list of things we’d like to accomplish quicker or even more efficiently, but putting those wishes into action and making adjustments to our lives can be quite difficult.

Fabulous is a self-improvement app that takes a relaxed approach to the process. It assists you in developing new habits by giving science-based guidance as well as daily exercises that are really simple to complete. When you first start, you’ll choose a “Journey” to follow, such as reducing weight or learning to concentrate better. Fabulous App guides you through basic everyday tasks after your objective has been established.

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